Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mackage 2010 F/W

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Mackage F/W 2010

I am still on the look for a winter jacket although I am currently wearing my Canada Goose jacket in the meantime. I opened my options to Mackage and I must say I was easily impressed by their fall/winter collection. The structure detailing is so precise that it is too hard to resist, not to mention the use of leather and fur in their peices also scores a few points. Keeping in mind that I need something durable for cold winter days in the eastcoast of Canada. Minus 20 degrees celsius is not my cup of tea. What's the weather like where you're from?

Just two days ago, I wrote my final exam for my first term which I am so glad that it's finally over, for now. Now that I have three weeks of winter break - I am going to spend quality time with family and friends and also dedicate my time to blog (lately the weather has been discouraging me from taking outdoor outfit posts). But for those of you who are still in the process of studying for exams... good luck!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Born angry"

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Kensington Market alleyway, Downtown Toronto.

Black and white pictures are the best.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life pursuit

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AE, H&M Socks
Nomi boots

Recently, I've rekindled my love for socks. The ones above are the ones I've picked up a few days ago and I loooove them. Tell me you love the tribal print high knees? I was never all that fond of socks a few months back but how can I even resist when it comes in all different colours, style, shape and marterial. Socks craze. Just a tad bit. I'm having such a hard time deciding on whether or not I should keep these boots. I've had such a hard time finding ones that fit properly and that I liked. But I guess these will do? Whatever, I'll just cross my fingers in hopes that it'll keep me alive through this cold winter.

On another note.... a few things I want to cover:
1. I was on a shopping ban but it lasted... a day.
2. Blogging > essay writing.
3. My favourite colour right now is red.
4. Starbucks is a must everyday... Maybe not everyday but I need dose of caffeine.
5. Obbessed with obnoxious jewellry.
6. Currently trying to sell my Blackberry Torch, anyone?
7. Excited to meet fellow Torontarian bloggers Alan and Danielle.

P.S I apologize for lacking outfit posts. Once I get re-energized and catch up some sleep I'll post something :).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dries Van Noten

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It's already November and winter is right around the corner as temperatures close to hitting zero degrees. Be sure to have some key basic items to survive this bumpy winter season. Whether it is knits, leather pants, scarves, tall riding boots, capes whatever it may be - bundle up Eastcoast!

Dries Van Noten - F/W 2010

I stumbled upon some of Dries Van Noton's work of art. His collection embraces both of menswear tailoring and military inspiration but still maintains the feminine presence. There is something about this collection that is so eye catching, I absolutely love the androgynous appeal it partakes. With the resemblance of earthy tone colours - it screams out autumn especially the myrtle green I cannot resist.


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Irina Lazareanu - Lanvin for H&M
Photography by Stéphane Gallois. Courtesy of H&M

The word has been spread and the talk has not been stopped. Lanvin and H&M are both collaborating together.

Fashion show - Lanvin for H&M

I have to admit that I am mildly impressed with the collection - that is probably because I was expecting more than anticipated. The collaboration with H&M from last year was Jimmy Choo's - there was definitely more hype than this year's collab. Despite of all that, I cannot wait until these garments hit store so I can get my hands on that yellow ruffle dress that I've been eying on for quite some time now.

Launch date: November 20th 2010

To purchase Lanvin for H&M garments, they are sold exclusively only at these three locations in Toronto:
1. Toronto Eaton Center
2.15 Bloor Street West
3.Yorkdale Mall

For other information, inquiries or store locations, visit

Be quick because I am definite sure that these items will be sold out in a heart beat.
(...and don't call my store asking if we have it. Just kidding. Kinda.)

McQueen lives on

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Alexander McQueen, F/W 2010 looks.

McQueen, Something I cannot afford under my own pocket but it's so nice just to look at them... through the computer moniter. Knowing that I can't effort buy them? What a slap in the face.

Aside from that, I apologize sincerely to all my friends and readers that I have not consistently updated my blog just because I've been bombarded with school and exams coming up it's been a tad crazy. Life as a student. I have been mainly hiding away at school, work and starbucks only to force myself to study in coffee shops. On top of that, I have not been shopping all that much the past two weeks and I am in desperate need of winter clothing. But I am hoping to get back on track and keep you all posted! Enjoy the rest of the weekend lovelies!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Induced euphoria

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Wilfred over-sized shirt/dress | H&M jeans, knit circle scarf

Temperature in Toronto is gradually dropping lower and lower as we are approaching into Autumn as the days end earlier. But I must say, Fall has got to be my favourite season out of the four . The scenery of the leaves falling off the trees with the colour scheme of yellow, red and copper. Picture perfect.

I finally had the nerve to tuck away my summer clothes earlier this week. I'm going to miss the ease of throwing on a pair of shorts with a shirt and still look effortlessly chic. Final good-bye. But it is bittersweet. On the other hand, I am still looking forward to invest in some more knits, trench/wool coat, cardigans and laced up boots. Hence, I need to shop ASAP.

It's been two weeks since school started and my schedule was altered not once but three times. It's weird that I packed my lunch to school today. I feel like in grade eight all over again. Monday + 8:00am classes don't mix. Gotta double up doses of Starbucks - plus extra shot of espresso.

This weekend I am so excited not to work (except for Sunday... which in my books is a "no work day" but...) and instead I'm making my way to Hamilton to McMaster to visit a girlfriend and a few others. Hello social life again.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dawn throttles down

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I am finally back!

I've been on hiatusfrom my blog for quite some time now... I would say two months now? I've been so caught up with my own life that I slowly neglected my blog. But it's safe to say that I am back and nothing is stopping me from blogging (... maybe school). As promised, I said I would post some pictures from my L.A trip which by the way, it was AMAZING. I loved every second I was there. My trip there consists of: Roaming around downtown L.A, Sun tanning at Manhattan Beach, Shopping along Santa Monica, Visiting Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive/Melrose, Electric Daisy Carnival and Hollywood. I must say, I am definitely going back for seconds next year.

During the months of July & August, I've been working, hanging out and soaking up the sun while it was still hot. In all honesty, this summer I was expecting it to be better than last year. But I am not complaining. Now that the cold weather is gradually approaching - I am super excited for fall fashion. I miss layering, heavy knits, boots and all those good stuff. Summer, I'm over you. Now that we hit the month of September. School is starting all over again. As for me, I am starting tomorrow (in a few hours). Maybe it's a bad idea to blog at 2:53am. Regardless, I am so happy (actually) to be back in school. I'm ready to tackle those endless nights of studying.

As a final note before I head to bed: I'm so glad to be blogging again and best of luck everyone that's starting school today!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to Eastcoast

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This is a really quick post just to let everyone know that I'm still here and I do check my blog on a daily basis but I've been extremely busy and... lazy to post up my pictures and the details about my L.A trip but I promise I'll try to get it posted by this weekend. Otherwise - I miss sleeping on the beach while getting a nice tan, haha. Caaaaaaaaaaliforniaaaaa guuuurls.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bon Voyage

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Off to Los Angeles!
Bon Voyage.

Hello California... Adiós Toronto.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

California Dreamin'

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Source Google images

Palm trees, Beaches, Hollywood sign, carefree life? Check. Anticipation rises as the trip arrives closer and closer. Finally, booked my Los Angeles plane ticket. After endless nights of researching hotels and main attractions. My friend, Jess and I finally both settled with one hotel which was convenient because we would have access to all the amenities around where we're staying. We will both leave Toronto on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 and will be back on in the following week on Sunday June 27th, 2010. Which will give us enough time to soak up the sun and enjoy ourselves. Laying on hot sand while tanning on Venice beach, rocking our heads out at Electric Daisy Carnival and shopping around Beverly Hills are just some of the places we will be visiting. Course, I will take a ton of videos and pictures to show you all and take with you on our adventure. I am so glad that this trip is actually working out and not something that gets your hopes up and the next second you know, you're sitting at home like a couch potato, lovely. After all... I have not travelled in two years? (The last time I went was Montreal - not exciting at all) and I have not flown on a plane in like ten years which will stir up something interesting. I am in desperate need of vacation.

Countdown: Four days!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You had me at hello

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Giorgio Armani vintage shirt | H&M blazer | Talula acid dye leggings | F21 purse | Aldo booties
Rings F21 and H&M

Birthday just came to an end as the clock strikes midnight. In continuation from my last post. Sunday, I spend the evening with two of my close childhood friends at Mildstones. I couldn't take any pictures 'cause I left my camera at home, sadly. I love using "it's my birthday"excuse cause it's just a way to get free dessert. We're talking about a warm double chocolate smothered with chocolate drizzle with cold vanilla ice cream - pretty much to die for almost. The day of my birthday, I spent the whole day just hanging out with the family. Another day that I got a full day to see my Jalen (He's my nephew... that I miss right now) along with my mother and sister. The rest of the evening followed with yet another dinner with the rest of the family at a chinese restaurant. I don't think I'll ever get sick of peking duck, yum. I just want to thank every one of you out there that wished me happy birthday and for those who came out to spend the time with me celebrating my twentieth birthday. I truly do thank you with all my heart and soul, love you all.

I cannot get enough of vintage pieces. What was so funny about this vintage Giorgio Armani shirt that it was my dad's back in early 90's(?) and I love it even 'til this day. There was one day where I had a hard time deciding what to wear and saw this just laying it on my table which was a clear indicator that it was made for me. At first the beginning before trying this shirt on, I was a little skeptical - I thought it would not suit me as I would think it would. Surprise surprise. It definitely proved me wrong. I've grown to love it. Another reason to love vintage shopping. Speaking of vintage... I've been looking long and hard for a vintage purse. I went into Forever21 and this vintage-like purse caught my eye almost immediately. Course, it isn't truly vintage but it does features some detailing in the bag. I am very pleased with this purchase. Oh, and how can I forget about these lovely booties. It's somewhat manly in the most feminine way which I love. It's very "Queen Street West"-esque, agreed? I was hesitating bring them home only considering that my mother would not approve of these but she loves them which I was happy about. Not to mention, they were on sale for $39 original price at $90? Yeah it's a deal no asian couldn't put down.

Yet another weekend of fun and play. It's back to work - another forty hours devoted to work.

Monday, June 7, 2010

20 Candles to blow

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F21 Necklace
Marble Slab | The Keg | Dave and Busters

Cake, candles and presents... has to be a birthday

Monday, June 7th, 2010 - Happy birthday Veronica!

This past weekend has been extraordinary. Though, I was not intending to do anything huge - I still managed to have a blast.
On Friday, I couldn't help but to splurge my money. (Side note: I need self control in spending) First stop was La Bamboche. For the most part as many of you know that macarons' popularity has escalated. These french delicacy is definitely worth $2.50 a peice but every bit was to saviour. My friend, Aney, told me about this little amazing place and I had to check it out myself. As a first timer to try out these macarons, I got myself: Pistachio, Green olive oil, Espresso and Sea salt caramel. Out of the four, I enjoyed the pistachio the best - definitely going back for round two!

La Bamboche - 4 Manor Road East, Toronto ON (Eglington Station)

While around downtown Toronto - I could not help myself but to take a stroll down Queen St, Bloor and on Yonge St. The heart of Toronto! I've got plenty of stuff while I was down there - which I will share with you in my haul post in the next few posts.

Saturday rolled around... I have to say it was the highlight of my weekend. The pictures above just shows the main attraction of that day. Began the day roaming around downtown once again with my good friend, Jessica. As we were walking down Yonge St - dying in need to find a quick place to grab a bite, we stumbled upon Marble Slab. At that point we have not tried their famous ice cream, so we scratched of getting food instead we got ice cream to cool down the hot weather. I went with my safe side and got the vanilla ice cream with gramham crackers and as for Jessica - she got strawberries with real strawberries. The pictures looks just as alluring as in person. Almost six dollars for two scoops. Ohhhhh how heavenly. Second stop - met up with our other friends to have dinner at The Keg. I've always enjoyed the atmosphere that The Keg gives off - having dinner in a semi-dark place - kind of a romantic feel. As a steak lover, I ordered the Filet Mignon which is steak wrapped around applewood smoke bacon. Screams out: delicious. The night was still young and we could not have end the night with play and laughter. Dave and Buster, I feel like a kid when I'm in there 'cause it is like a grown up version of Chuck E Cheese (where I went religiously as a child growing up). The tub of tickets was a combination of my friend, Ken, and my tickets which came up to a whooping grand total of 3,600 tickets (Thanks Ken!). I need to go back so I can beat this game x4.

Bare with me as I am blogging... 3:51am. Yet I have another urge to blog another post.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sun-kissed glow

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H&M blouse, shorts, flats, purse | Forever 21 pocketed tank

She's wearing: Forever 21 dress | H&M purse | Zara belt | Thrifted gladiators

Weather is getting hotter, clothes are starting to shred down a tad bit. It's the time of year when the sun sets at a later time.. which means we have more time laying on the grass and tan! Just last week, I've been spending my time indoors... working. Thirty-nine hours at work? Yeah not my cup of tea. But in the end it'll be all worth every bit of it. Sunday was my only day off and I needed to get outside for my own good sake! Friend of mine, Jessica and I went to the local park to enjoy lovely hot weather, taking "blog-like posing" pictures where everyone was looking at us for and just spending time together since she was back in Toronto for the weekend. Now we're back to square one. Back to work and just another week.

Month of June finally began. This month will be chaotic... In a good way! Definitely have my agenda filled. First off, my birthday is coming up shortly! To be quite precise - in an week! I haven't finalize plans for what I'm doing for my twentieth but I scratched out clubbing plans. Instead... I haven't figured it out but I'm open to ideas. BIG news! I've been talking so much about how I need to travel more often and get out of this city and just go full out to explore the world. In just about two weeks - I will be going heading to Los Angeles!! With the dear friend of mine, Jessica. We have not bought our flight tickets just yet (probably in the coming week or so) but we pretty much have it all figured out. Our main attraction to head over to L.A was for this event called Electric Daisy Carnival. To sum it all up, it's just a really big... I mean BIG rave party and famous Dj's around the world perform for this show. Check out this link and you'll get what I'm talking about Oh and not to mention, last year at EDC - there was 90,000 people!! Talk about how crowded. Just hitting the topic of L.A makes me all giggly. June, I'm ready for you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Carpe Diem

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Thrifted shirt | American Apparel tulip skirt | H&M belt, peep toe flats

Weekend came to an end and we're back to Monday - back to work. Spent my weekend lounging around and taking it easy. It was pay day weekend (thank goodness) so it was a given sign that I had to go shopping - no need to rethink that. Headed downtown with my dear friend Anna - we had to stop by thrift stores around Gerrard St and Parliment St. The first store we stumbled upon was a small boutique where this lady wall selling clothes, jewelry, furniture and houseware items. That's where I found this lovely floral shirt. I cannot get enough of floral print - recently, I find myself having purchases of some sort of floral design, can't help myself! Can you just guess how much this was? THREE dollars!! Definitely a steal. As far as I remember from last year, I was not a fan of thrift shopping or the idea of it and now I'm scavenging for thrift/vintage stores down downtown. The amazing prices on these items still amazes me.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art on a face

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Beauty is only skin deep

Products used

Face Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel | Revlon Photo ready foundation | MAC Studio fix powder in NC30 | MAC Studio finish concealer in NW25 | MAC Bronzer in X-Rocks | Anastasia Brow wiz in Ash Brown

Eyes Urban Decay Primer potion | MAC E/S in Gesso | MAC E/S in Cork | MAC E/S in Signed'N'Sealed | MAC E/S in Carbon | L'Oreal Lineur intense eyeliner in Carbon | Make up for ever aqua eyes pencil eyeliner | Estée Lauder Magnascopic mascara

Lips MAC Lipstick in Faux | Sephora Lipgloss in Rosy Glow

It seems a lot of makeup on a face but it really isn't, is it? The look I was going for was a neutral with a kick of smokey eye shadow. The cheeks and lips were subtle since the eyes were the main focus for the eye, I didn't want to draw attention to the lips or cheeks - otherwise it would've been a hot mess.

For those who are interested in makeup: READ ME! There's actually a Warehouse Sale up in Markham, Ontario. I've been there once and I've stocked up on a few makeup items. Basically, this warehouse sale carries: Clinique, Estee Lauder and MAC for sale and I have to admit the sales were amazing - and I'm talking about 50%-70% off! Talk about a great deal. This event happens every three months in a year so there's one happening on June 4th, 5th, 6th so mark your calenders! This sale is only by invites but people are putting it up for sale on Craig's list and Kijiji - So my advice is to get those tickets soon before they run out!

Where? Markham Fairgrounds (McCowan & Elgin Mills) / Time? 9AM - 5PM / When? June 4th - June 6th weekend

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breaking the silence

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Sally Hansen Mint sprint, Spring blossom OPI Over the taupe | H&M Hello kitty plush | H&M folded purse | MAC Lipstick in Faux | Make up for ever Aqua liner

Current favourites at the moment.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The minor fall and the major lift

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DIY: Shredded shirt

My very first DIY: Shredded shirt
Yes, to some - you might have seen this DIY before but I like to think it's still effortlessly chic, agreed?
The image above just shows the front of the shirt.
I decided one morning, to grab a shirt and a pair of scissors and started to chop and shred.
I'm still in the process of making the shirt more "wearable". I've basically started to shred from the front, back and on the shoulder blade area. I've got to admit, I'm pretty excited once the final product is complete.
The detailing of the shredding is comparable to lace but again, lace has a more defined pattern to the detail. All in all, why spend a fifty dollar laced shirt when you can make your own DIY shirt for less than two dollars. Something to think about.

Yet another... uneventful weekend except full of rain and work. Best combination? Ehhh. Can someone please give me an explanation as to WHY it is snowing outside? Yes, there are flurries outside during the beginning of May? Oh, mother-nature, please be good to us this season. On a lighter note, hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend and spending time with their mothers on Mother's day! x

Free falling

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Wilfred cropped shirt | Zara pleated trousers, booties | H&M braided belt, necklace

TGIF? Not so much. The weather is not cooperating with me today. Gloomy skies, rain and thunderstorms - definitely not my cup of tea. Initally, I was planning to go vintage shopping downtown Toronto but again due to weather complications... it's postponed yet again. I went up my way and still got ready just before my shopping plans backfired. I was trying to find the perfect trousers so my instant thought was Zara. I walked in and found tons but as I was trying them on - I was not as please as I expected, unfortunately. As I was browsing around I saw the Zara manager and she was wearing these trousers that caught my attention almost immediately. So, of course - I got the ones she wore (which is the one I'm wearing in the picture). Aren't they lovely? I was also out the lookout for the perfect booties and pick them up while I was in Zara. I had a hard time finding nice booties - it was either the not right brown shade for me or the material was complete garbage but I'm really happy with these! And... this pretty much explains why I love walking around the city and being inspired from other fashionista's.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jason Matlo, divine.

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Simplicity at it's best.

To view more of Matlo's work, visit:

Alberta fashion week features Jason Matlo F/W 2010 line. The use of texture to detail of each garment, really showed the true nature of Jason's artistry.

Photo's courtesy of Ian Harding.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog sale

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I will be holding a blog sale because yard sales just doesn't work out for me.
The links above will lead to different categories, one is for accessories and makeup and the other is just clothing.
Don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me at for inquiries (bidding/shipping).
SERIOUS buyers only
Maybe I'll just give it away... It's all stuff I barely used and time to say goodbye.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


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H&M Boyfriend blouse, floral dress, high waisted shorts | Aldo & H&M Rings

Outfit for a lazy sunday. Tricked you, the floral tucked in "top" isn't really a top. Decided to pair this foral dress with this high-waisted shorts (keeping in mind these shorts are just comfortable as pajama pants, I like). It's a tad chilly out so threw on a boyfriend blouse for that ruggedly look. The rings above are definitely a new obsession. I'm eyeing myself a few silver rings but unfortunately they are extremely overpriced for my liking (I'm talking about the booths on Queen Street in downtown Toronto). If anyone can spare me a few stores for vintage or silver jewelry... I'm all eyes on it.

The weekend is coming to an end, won't be posting too much throughout the week cause of work but I'm around! If you follow my twitter then you'll have more of a quick update @vhhho. Until then, have a awesome week!