Monday, May 17, 2010

Carpe Diem

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Thrifted shirt | American Apparel tulip skirt | H&M belt, peep toe flats

Weekend came to an end and we're back to Monday - back to work. Spent my weekend lounging around and taking it easy. It was pay day weekend (thank goodness) so it was a given sign that I had to go shopping - no need to rethink that. Headed downtown with my dear friend Anna - we had to stop by thrift stores around Gerrard St and Parliment St. The first store we stumbled upon was a small boutique where this lady wall selling clothes, jewelry, furniture and houseware items. That's where I found this lovely floral shirt. I cannot get enough of floral print - recently, I find myself having purchases of some sort of floral design, can't help myself! Can you just guess how much this was? THREE dollars!! Definitely a steal. As far as I remember from last year, I was not a fan of thrift shopping or the idea of it and now I'm scavenging for thrift/vintage stores down downtown. The amazing prices on these items still amazes me.

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Jess Wang said...

I absolutely love it! It looks great.
It's such a nice top and I'm glad you go to go! and 3 bucks, that's just crazy.

Silvia Couture said...

That is a beautiful vintage shirt! Jealous!


Jess said...

Oh thrifting takes so much patience but sometimes you score something awesome like your top - great find!

sharonlei said...

Cute flats.

xx Love & Aloha

beeble said...

that is suchh a beautiful shirt!! love it. i love vintage its always so entertaining and even better when its cheap!

fashionstoned said...

Lovely prints! great outfit!

Anonymous said...

great outfit! i really like the florals on the t-shirt!