Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog sale

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I will be holding a blog sale because yard sales just doesn't work out for me.
The links above will lead to different categories, one is for accessories and makeup and the other is just clothing.
Don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me at for inquiries (bidding/shipping).
SERIOUS buyers only
Maybe I'll just give it away... It's all stuff I barely used and time to say goodbye.


Kristy said...

Hey Veronica, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog recently :)
Love your blog layout. I'll keep an eye on your future posts ;)

Re: My H&M shorts. Yes, they wrinkled after the first wash and I was too lazy to iron them :p I guess that's just the nature of the material :(

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

hi there~~! o(^-^)o
i found out your blog from friends~!

your blog is so cute !
so i've followed you~~! (o^^)o

i hope you could follow me
if you want to *winks*
i want to be your friend!! XDXDXD

♥ ♥

beeble said...

i love blog sales, yes just give it away (: haha, nah to be perfectly honest if it was me id sell my clothes, they have to have some sort of personal essence to you?
i look forward to your next post, will be following, hope youll follow me too (: