Monday, June 7, 2010

20 Candles to blow

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F21 Necklace
Marble Slab | The Keg | Dave and Busters

Cake, candles and presents... has to be a birthday

Monday, June 7th, 2010 - Happy birthday Veronica!

This past weekend has been extraordinary. Though, I was not intending to do anything huge - I still managed to have a blast.
On Friday, I couldn't help but to splurge my money. (Side note: I need self control in spending) First stop was La Bamboche. For the most part as many of you know that macarons' popularity has escalated. These french delicacy is definitely worth $2.50 a peice but every bit was to saviour. My friend, Aney, told me about this little amazing place and I had to check it out myself. As a first timer to try out these macarons, I got myself: Pistachio, Green olive oil, Espresso and Sea salt caramel. Out of the four, I enjoyed the pistachio the best - definitely going back for round two!

La Bamboche - 4 Manor Road East, Toronto ON (Eglington Station)

While around downtown Toronto - I could not help myself but to take a stroll down Queen St, Bloor and on Yonge St. The heart of Toronto! I've got plenty of stuff while I was down there - which I will share with you in my haul post in the next few posts.

Saturday rolled around... I have to say it was the highlight of my weekend. The pictures above just shows the main attraction of that day. Began the day roaming around downtown once again with my good friend, Jessica. As we were walking down Yonge St - dying in need to find a quick place to grab a bite, we stumbled upon Marble Slab. At that point we have not tried their famous ice cream, so we scratched of getting food instead we got ice cream to cool down the hot weather. I went with my safe side and got the vanilla ice cream with gramham crackers and as for Jessica - she got strawberries with real strawberries. The pictures looks just as alluring as in person. Almost six dollars for two scoops. Ohhhhh how heavenly. Second stop - met up with our other friends to have dinner at The Keg. I've always enjoyed the atmosphere that The Keg gives off - having dinner in a semi-dark place - kind of a romantic feel. As a steak lover, I ordered the Filet Mignon which is steak wrapped around applewood smoke bacon. Screams out: delicious. The night was still young and we could not have end the night with play and laughter. Dave and Buster, I feel like a kid when I'm in there 'cause it is like a grown up version of Chuck E Cheese (where I went religiously as a child growing up). The tub of tickets was a combination of my friend, Ken, and my tickets which came up to a whooping grand total of 3,600 tickets (Thanks Ken!). I need to go back so I can beat this game x4.

Bare with me as I am blogging... 3:51am. Yet I have another urge to blog another post.


kyeongheelee12 said...

beautiful pictures!! :)
makes me so hungry!

Kristy said...

Happy birthday, V! I'm glad you had fun over the weekend :) I have yet to try La Bamboche even though I work just a couple blocks from the shop! I was thinking of running over there during lunch but it's raining outside so that has to wait :(

And The Keg is definitely the perfect place to celebrate birthdays! Not only the atmosphere is great (better than Milestone, I think), the food is fabulous (definitely A LOT better than Milestone!).

You should post some birthday outfit photos ;)

Jess ♡ said...

So this is a little delayed, I just went through a bunch of your old posts... literally every single one. I'm hardcore like that. Anyway, SERIOUSLY FOOD. I'm sooo jealous. I love good food. I'm glad that you had so much fun on your birthday, and WAYYY delayed now, but happy birthday! Clearly when I go to Toronto you're going to have to take me on a giant food adventure...