Sunday, November 7, 2010


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Irina Lazareanu - Lanvin for H&M
Photography by Stéphane Gallois. Courtesy of H&M

The word has been spread and the talk has not been stopped. Lanvin and H&M are both collaborating together.

Fashion show - Lanvin for H&M

I have to admit that I am mildly impressed with the collection - that is probably because I was expecting more than anticipated. The collaboration with H&M from last year was Jimmy Choo's - there was definitely more hype than this year's collab. Despite of all that, I cannot wait until these garments hit store so I can get my hands on that yellow ruffle dress that I've been eying on for quite some time now.

Launch date: November 20th 2010

To purchase Lanvin for H&M garments, they are sold exclusively only at these three locations in Toronto:
1. Toronto Eaton Center
2.15 Bloor Street West
3.Yorkdale Mall

For other information, inquiries or store locations, visit

Be quick because I am definite sure that these items will be sold out in a heart beat.
(...and don't call my store asking if we have it. Just kidding. Kinda.)


herwaisechoice said...

Oh that yellow dress... everyone seems to want it (me too!). I'm quite relieved that there isn't as much hype as Jimmy Choo... I'm planning to go to on November 20th and am thankful that it seems like it will only be girls who follow fashion or the blogosphere that will be there which will hopefully mean fewer catfights! Haha. Great picks on top... you chose my top 3 dresses too! :D

Happy Sunday!


I like the whole collection ^^

priincess emily said...

I'm super excited! I'm staying over in downtown just to get my hands on it! probably gonna camp over night outside eaton's! LOL! :)

Jess said...

I want the yellow dress too. I didn't see it at the eaton's location though. Nonetheless, beautiful collection!

silviasiantar said...

i wish we have H&M here in singapore. I liked their accessories! :(

thank you for your compliment about my hair. I just use some hairspray and hair curler:)


keep in touch dear

KD faustino said...

hey a new visitor here! do u think we can order online? not a single store in alberta! im devastated!

Jess ♡ said...

I know what you mean about the mildly impressed, some pieces were just... blah. I'm not sure how else to put it. I just thought it wasn't as expected. But that yellow dress, ooh baby. HAHA. :)