Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life pursuit

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AE, H&M Socks
Nomi boots

Recently, I've rekindled my love for socks. The ones above are the ones I've picked up a few days ago and I loooove them. Tell me you love the tribal print high knees? I was never all that fond of socks a few months back but how can I even resist when it comes in all different colours, style, shape and marterial. Socks craze. Just a tad bit. I'm having such a hard time deciding on whether or not I should keep these boots. I've had such a hard time finding ones that fit properly and that I liked. But I guess these will do? Whatever, I'll just cross my fingers in hopes that it'll keep me alive through this cold winter.

On another note.... a few things I want to cover:
1. I was on a shopping ban but it lasted... a day.
2. Blogging > essay writing.
3. My favourite colour right now is red.
4. Starbucks is a must everyday... Maybe not everyday but I need dose of caffeine.
5. Obbessed with obnoxious jewellry.
6. Currently trying to sell my Blackberry Torch, anyone?
7. Excited to meet fellow Torontarian bloggers Alan and Danielle.

P.S I apologize for lacking outfit posts. Once I get re-energized and catch up some sleep I'll post something :).


Closet Full of Nothing said...

love love love those socks! great purchases :) I've been obsessed with buying fair isle anything lately too ;)

Closet Full of Nothing

Anonymous said...

PS Hi Veronicaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

shirley said...

P.S. hi veronicaaaaaaaaa ;)

(I accidentally clicked anon. for the last comment.. plz delete it!)

Anonymous said...


i was wondering, were all those socks from H&M? I've been looking for something like that all over town!

thanks for your help!

shirley said...

A dslr AND a guitar? Those are some pretty big purchases.. i'll be excited to see your photos once you get it though :)

The Little Dust Princess said...

Oh socks socks socks! I love socks LOL Nice to see another Toronto blogger..hello : )

xx The Little Dust Princess

Isabella Kiss said...

love the socks. socks over pants with boots is like my favorite thing right now!