Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dawn throttles down

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I am finally back!

I've been on hiatusfrom my blog for quite some time now... I would say two months now? I've been so caught up with my own life that I slowly neglected my blog. But it's safe to say that I am back and nothing is stopping me from blogging (... maybe school). As promised, I said I would post some pictures from my L.A trip which by the way, it was AMAZING. I loved every second I was there. My trip there consists of: Roaming around downtown L.A, Sun tanning at Manhattan Beach, Shopping along Santa Monica, Visiting Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive/Melrose, Electric Daisy Carnival and Hollywood. I must say, I am definitely going back for seconds next year.

During the months of July & August, I've been working, hanging out and soaking up the sun while it was still hot. In all honesty, this summer I was expecting it to be better than last year. But I am not complaining. Now that the cold weather is gradually approaching - I am super excited for fall fashion. I miss layering, heavy knits, boots and all those good stuff. Summer, I'm over you. Now that we hit the month of September. School is starting all over again. As for me, I am starting tomorrow (in a few hours). Maybe it's a bad idea to blog at 2:53am. Regardless, I am so happy (actually) to be back in school. I'm ready to tackle those endless nights of studying.

As a final note before I head to bed: I'm so glad to be blogging again and best of luck everyone that's starting school today!!

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Michelle said...

Pretty jealous that you did alot more than me when I went to LA. There's so much more I wanted to see but limited transportation at my cousin's place :( isn't it sad that I didn't even go to a beach? Thinking about it makes me even more depressed.