Sunday, April 25, 2010


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H&M Boyfriend blouse, floral dress, high waisted shorts | Aldo & H&M Rings

Outfit for a lazy sunday. Tricked you, the floral tucked in "top" isn't really a top. Decided to pair this foral dress with this high-waisted shorts (keeping in mind these shorts are just comfortable as pajama pants, I like). It's a tad chilly out so threw on a boyfriend blouse for that ruggedly look. The rings above are definitely a new obsession. I'm eyeing myself a few silver rings but unfortunately they are extremely overpriced for my liking (I'm talking about the booths on Queen Street in downtown Toronto). If anyone can spare me a few stores for vintage or silver jewelry... I'm all eyes on it.

The weekend is coming to an end, won't be posting too much throughout the week cause of work but I'm around! If you follow my twitter then you'll have more of a quick update @vhhho. Until then, have a awesome week!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your outfit! x

Phuong said...

beautiful outfit! love the short

Alan Li said...

Loving the floral top! Looks vintage actually

Natalie said...

i love ur rings! amazing :)

Adri said...

I would totally wear this outfit....i really love everything about it