Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to Eastcoast

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This is a really quick post just to let everyone know that I'm still here and I do check my blog on a daily basis but I've been extremely busy and... lazy to post up my pictures and the details about my L.A trip but I promise I'll try to get it posted by this weekend. Otherwise - I miss sleeping on the beach while getting a nice tan, haha. Caaaaaaaaaaliforniaaaaa guuuurls.


priincess said...

can't wait to see some photos hun!

Aney said...

girly, post some pictures soon! I've been looking forward to them. I've just seen a few picture from the EDC from Jess's album.. BUT THAT'S NOT ENOUGH! I need to see sand, beaches, palm trees! haha

Miss you.. promise me we'll get together this summer. It's been long since we did anything together.. I miss kbbq with you and Jules!

The F Word Online said...

LA, lucky you ! excited to see the photos

xx lue

Dani said...

aha thanks for stopping by my blog! which h&m do you work at? i'm at #011 so unfortunately, i really don't get to see the fun fall things that we're getting in trend. with that said, i'm convinced that h&m employees are the biggest fans of the company lol. half of my paycheque undoubtedly goes back into buying h&m clothes :(

Dani said...

i feel silly conversing in comment boxes, but i'm definitely alwaysssss at 003! next time i'll make sure to keep an eye out for you! and the next time i call for a customer check i'll listen out for your name haha.
i was actually considering going for the overnight but decided against it. hope my fellow 011s treated you well :)

priincess said...

hahah! i can't believe that you know mike su too! what a SMALL WORLD! :) yeah we go to the same church together and I met him through a close friend :)