Saturday, May 8, 2010

The minor fall and the major lift

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DIY: Shredded shirt

My very first DIY: Shredded shirt
Yes, to some - you might have seen this DIY before but I like to think it's still effortlessly chic, agreed?
The image above just shows the front of the shirt.
I decided one morning, to grab a shirt and a pair of scissors and started to chop and shred.
I'm still in the process of making the shirt more "wearable". I've basically started to shred from the front, back and on the shoulder blade area. I've got to admit, I'm pretty excited once the final product is complete.
The detailing of the shredding is comparable to lace but again, lace has a more defined pattern to the detail. All in all, why spend a fifty dollar laced shirt when you can make your own DIY shirt for less than two dollars. Something to think about.

Yet another... uneventful weekend except full of rain and work. Best combination? Ehhh. Can someone please give me an explanation as to WHY it is snowing outside? Yes, there are flurries outside during the beginning of May? Oh, mother-nature, please be good to us this season. On a lighter note, hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend and spending time with their mothers on Mother's day! x

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sharonlei said...

I've been wanting to shred a shirt.. is it easy?

xx Love & Aloha