Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free falling

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Wilfred cropped shirt | Zara pleated trousers, booties | H&M braided belt, necklace

TGIF? Not so much. The weather is not cooperating with me today. Gloomy skies, rain and thunderstorms - definitely not my cup of tea. Initally, I was planning to go vintage shopping downtown Toronto but again due to weather complications... it's postponed yet again. I went up my way and still got ready just before my shopping plans backfired. I was trying to find the perfect trousers so my instant thought was Zara. I walked in and found tons but as I was trying them on - I was not as please as I expected, unfortunately. As I was browsing around I saw the Zara manager and she was wearing these trousers that caught my attention almost immediately. So, of course - I got the ones she wore (which is the one I'm wearing in the picture). Aren't they lovely? I was also out the lookout for the perfect booties and pick them up while I was in Zara. I had a hard time finding nice booties - it was either the not right brown shade for me or the material was complete garbage but I'm really happy with these! And... this pretty much explains why I love walking around the city and being inspired from other fashionista's.


priincess said...

ZARA IS GREAT! next to H&M that is! haha! ; )

Dusk said...

LOVE the boots!


Adri said...

I'm loving those pants...i love pleats.

Faboulista said...

i love the boots. the colour is just gorgeous. love it paired with the pants.

Kristy said...

lovely trousers indeed, especially when accessorized with that braided belt! YES, I WANT THAT BELT!! hahaha.. is it still sold at the stores?

Next time you go for vintage shopping, check out Tabula Rasa on Broadview and Danforth ;)

Panda said...

I love your blog.
Just found it - your photos are awesome!
Panda xx

Alan Li said...

love the cropped top with those pants