Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You had me at hello

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Giorgio Armani vintage shirt | H&M blazer | Talula acid dye leggings | F21 purse | Aldo booties
Rings F21 and H&M

Birthday just came to an end as the clock strikes midnight. In continuation from my last post. Sunday, I spend the evening with two of my close childhood friends at Mildstones. I couldn't take any pictures 'cause I left my camera at home, sadly. I love using "it's my birthday"excuse cause it's just a way to get free dessert. We're talking about a warm double chocolate smothered with chocolate drizzle with cold vanilla ice cream - pretty much to die for almost. The day of my birthday, I spent the whole day just hanging out with the family. Another day that I got a full day to see my Jalen (He's my nephew... that I miss right now) along with my mother and sister. The rest of the evening followed with yet another dinner with the rest of the family at a chinese restaurant. I don't think I'll ever get sick of peking duck, yum. I just want to thank every one of you out there that wished me happy birthday and for those who came out to spend the time with me celebrating my twentieth birthday. I truly do thank you with all my heart and soul, love you all.

I cannot get enough of vintage pieces. What was so funny about this vintage Giorgio Armani shirt that it was my dad's back in early 90's(?) and I love it even 'til this day. There was one day where I had a hard time deciding what to wear and saw this just laying it on my table which was a clear indicator that it was made for me. At first the beginning before trying this shirt on, I was a little skeptical - I thought it would not suit me as I would think it would. Surprise surprise. It definitely proved me wrong. I've grown to love it. Another reason to love vintage shopping. Speaking of vintage... I've been looking long and hard for a vintage purse. I went into Forever21 and this vintage-like purse caught my eye almost immediately. Course, it isn't truly vintage but it does features some detailing in the bag. I am very pleased with this purchase. Oh, and how can I forget about these lovely booties. It's somewhat manly in the most feminine way which I love. It's very "Queen Street West"-esque, agreed? I was hesitating bring them home only considering that my mother would not approve of these but she loves them which I was happy about. Not to mention, they were on sale for $39 original price at $90? Yeah it's a deal no asian couldn't put down.

Yet another weekend of fun and play. It's back to work - another forty hours devoted to work.



amazing style...greatr pics

Kristy said...

LOL @ "Yeah it's a deal no asian couldn't put down." :D Your mom should approve! Those are some great booties, I love when Aldo goes on sale!:D


Alan Li said...

I love the first picture so much, it's so nice! and thanks for the birthday wish, I really appreciate it.

Phuong said...

nice look and your rings are great!!

Samira said...

I love that blazer and I'm in love with the rings!