Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reborn again

Hello all, just to clarify... I was formally named as vhhho in my previous blog but I insisted in changing the blog name. Wondering why I went from vhhho to now Fabric Refined? Simply because it's amazing how much one fabric can go such a long way. Wether it may be a dress or a scarf - it's divine what one can do. If you haven't guessed, yes this blog will be filled with fashion ideas and inspirations to share with all you readers out there. Also, in my previous blog I was slacking a bit only because my life was taken over by work, sadly. But as of right now, I'm spending my friday night trying to rebuild the motivation for this, TGIF much? Well for starters, just bare with me as I will try to update my posts frequently. Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies! xo

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NANCYXO said...

cool rings!