Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring blossom, H&M fever.

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H&M Garden Collection blouse | H&M Garden Collection floral printed tank, floral banded skirt, F21 slouchy cardigan | H&M floral scarf, tunic sweater, braided belt
F21 floral blouse, AA tulip skirt, Wilfred slouchy cardigan | H&M Men's plaid shirt, AA circular scarf, black tights

Pictures don't lie, clearly - I have H&M fever. Most of my clothes from my closet is pretty much from that store. Before working there, I wasn't the biggest fan of them. I mean yeah they have awesome basics and trendy items but it wasn't appealing to me. But now that I do work for the company it almost seems as if their garment are nicer then before. As for me, I've stocked up a few items - the pieces shown above are complied from a month ago. The quality in the picture isn't the greatest 'cause it was taken from my phone but this will do for now. I got to say, right now in the season of Spring... floral patterns and lace is a definite must-have in your wardrobe. The explosion of colours that floral gives off is extraordinary. It's not your typical solid colour but it just screams out spring, in my book. The shipments that we are recieving in my store of new productions contain a lot of lace-y items. Lace can do more than you can imagine - it brings a little something to your ordinary garment.Do you got your race lace on?

It's only day two of rebuilding this blog and I guess I'm doing okay... yeah? Well the weekend consists of relaxing and taking it easy after seven continuous days of work for me. Yeah work has been killing me physically but I guess I made it through (keeping in mind of the big fat cheque I'm gonna get). Yesterday was my nephew's one month celebration party, saw the family and some familiar faces. Didn't get a chance to spend him with Jalen 'cause he was napping throughout the celebration and when he woke up he was being a little cranky but I mean that's no different from other babies. Can't believe Jalen is already a month old! He's gained a little weight but he's still cute as ever. Today and tomorrow is just another day to lounge around the house so it's nothing interesting... all the more reasons to party next week! Even though this week hasn't end, I'm already anticipating for the next. My close friend, Jessica, is throwing her late birthday at Embassy Night Club which should be interesting 'cause it's sort of a reunion of everyone since practically everyone is done finals and out of school so a lot of faces will be there, can't wait! Time to get my dance on.


Mathilde's Daily said...

Love outfits <3

LUU H. said...

i wish i could raid the h&m collection: /