Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year - A start of something different

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Cheers to a new year full of laughs, good times and success

Better late than never... Happy New Years everyone! It's been a week since new years and 2011 has not sunk in for me. I have to admit I've caught myself writing in the year 2010 in my date. Plans was quickly at the last minute at the eve of new years, which is no different from the previous years. One of my close girlfriend's threw a house party at her place which was fun to see everyone's faces and reuniting with old friends I haven't seen in months.

The day of new years I woke up with excruciating pain in my mouth. My wisdom tooth was on the edge of coming out. What a perfect way to ring into the new year, huh? Today...I had the impression that I was going to take one out but to my own surprise I took out three. The taste of blood in my mouth is rather disgusting. Anyway...

Every year I always make a resolution's list... (which almost never changes). I must admit, last year I never really put any effort into fulfilling these resolutions but I am sensing something different for 2011. I'm going full force.

1) Loose weight (who doesn't have this listed)
- Eat healthier
- Exercise more: gym & morning jogs

2) Save money
- Stop spending out of impulse
- Spend on what's important. Need > Want

3) Focus more in school

4) Devote on time on guitar learning + blogging

5) Get a DSLR

I know there's more to add but this is just mainly the stuff I wanna focus on. It might be tough one but I'm up for the challenge.

Last of all, again, I wish everyone enjoyed their christmas and new years :)!

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